Does Smoking or Consuming Cannabis Cause Bad Breath?

nose breath smells bad

What’s more unpleasant than having stinky breath? being completely unaware of the fact that you’ve smelly breath. We all acknowledge at some point or another that we’ve experienced a sour breath.

nose breath smells bad

We’ve had a conversation with people with breath that reminded us more than our first trip to the Zoo. However, does smoking cannabis cause the breath a bad odor? If yes What are the best ways to combat bad breath after smoking the joint or bong?

The general rule is that all way of consumption associated with smoking may cause bad breath. However, cannabis can be a challenge because it has a number of frequent adverse results that people get from smoking it is xerostomia, also known as “cotton mouth” (which is an expression used to refer to dry mouth within the cannabis community). 

THC lowers saliva production, which makes the mouth dry. If saliva isn’t flowing, the mouth can be an ideal place for bacteria that cause odor.

nose breath smells bad

Imagine saliva as the mouth’s own cleaning system that cleans away the food debris, acid that wear away the gums and teeth, and also odor-causing microorganisms. When the mouth’s saliva flow is reduced dramatically and bad breath becomes more likely to occur. 

Studies have shown that smoking cannabis can cause gum (gum) gum disease the other major cause of bad breath.

In addition to being honest and open regarding your cannabis use to your dentist There are some steps you can try yourself to improve the hygiene of your mouth. 

Here are some suggestions on how you can combat the smelly breath resulting from cannabis use:

1. Regularly Clean Your Cannabis Smoking Accessories

Your breath smell could be due to your dirty pipe or bong that you haven’t cleaned in how many years. Make sure to thoroughly clean your items to make sure you’re safe from breathing in bacteria and germs which contribute to bad breath.

2. Try a Different Method of Consumption

Smoking blunts or smoking joints can cause smoky breath, try giving the edibles, tinctures or capsules of THC an opportunity.

3. Give Cannabis-Infused Mints a Try

There’s no way to predict the moment you’ll require an uplifting minty drink, especially after a sudden smoke session. 

Mr. Moxey’s sells a line of mints infused with cannabis which provide a range of effects and keep your breath fresh and clean.

4. Limit Sugary Munchie Foods

It’s tempting especially when you’re suffering from a severe case of food cravings and your mouth feels as that of the Sahara desert. But try to limit the quantity of soft drinks as well as carbohydrates you consume as an eating pattern that is high in these foods can result in “plaque retention and a higher incidence of caries.”

Are you aware that certain methods of consumption can make you smell bad? If yes what did you do to combat it? Comment on your experience with us in the comment section!

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