How to Remove Bad Breath

wisdom teeth bad breath

Halitosis, which is also known as bad breath, is a problem that every person struggles with at least once in a while. We’ve compiled an assortment of ways to treat bad breath at home.

wisdom teeth bad breath

If your meal was strong or you have an illness that causes bad breath, there’s some hope for you. About a quarter of the population be affected by bad breath.

What exactly is Halitosis? The most common reason for bad breath comes caused by bacteria that are present in the mouth that emits a foul smell. It could be due to dental plaque, gums or the tongue. If you find food particles in your teeth or you have poor oral hygiene habits then you may have bad breath.

Table of Contents

  1. Why My Breath Smells Bad?
    • Different Types of Breathy Bad
  2. How Do You Know If You Are Using It
  3. Removing bad Breath
    • Mouthwash
    • Toothpaste
  4. Home Remedies For Bad Breath
    • Water
    • Get More Vegetables
    • Fennel against Bad Breath
    • Peppermint Oil / Baking Soda vs Bad Breath
    • The mouthwash that contains cinnamon is called Cinnamon.
    • Lemon Water against Bad Breath
    • Apple Cider Vinegar mouthwash used to help fight Bad Breath

Why My Breath Smells Bad?

If you clean your teeth frequently there are many possible causes that cause bad breath. 

Certain foods may be detected on your breath , even many hours after having eaten including garlic, coffee and onions. After the onions have been digested, the smell may be visible once more through the lungs.

Do you get morning breath? It’s common and the reason is that saliva production decreases during the night. Saliva keeps everything inside the mouth moving, removing out food particles and bacteria.

If you get up at the crack of dawn, you may be smelling bad due to the absence of saliva. Brushing your teeth and eating is usually enough to make it disappear. 

Bad breath may be an indication of gum disease.

The medical causes for bad breath can be due to the presence of diabetes or malfunctions in the liver or kidneys. Halitosis can result from diabetes as ketones are produced in the body because of an absence of insulin and ketones can cause bad breath.

A few sufferers also have dry mouths that are often due to smoking or radiation therapy. Lack in saliva can be a major issue. Smoking in general can result in bad breath, too.

Allergies can result in bad breath, in addition to. If you’re allergic dust mites and are making you feel uncomfortable make an homemade dust mite killing spray to ease your suffering.

An naturally-occurring dust repellent will also help get rid of these annoying microbes on solid surfaces like wood or tile.

Different kinds of bad breath

In the event that your breath smells of onions or garlic, the likely scenario is that it was the food you consumed to create the smell. However, other smells could suggest a different cause.

Breaths that smell of urine could be a sign of a problem in the bowels. If your breath smells ammonia, this could be a sign of kidney disease, specifically kidney failure. If diabetes is the cause of the halitosis in your mouth, it is likely to smell like fruit.

If you have night guards, make sure that you thoroughly clean it every time you use it or it may create bad breath. Cleaning your night guard using baking soda or peroxide can help to remove the food particles and germs that can cause bad breath.

What to Do When You Smell Your Breath

How to Determine If You Are Suffering From It

If you don’t hear someone say that the smell in your mouth can be offensive to others, it might be difficult to determine when you’ve got bad breath. 

It is possible to inquire with someone, like your partner or relative about your odor, however, you do not want to expose them to this concern there are some methods to determine yourself.

Sometimes, you’ll smell stinky breath. If you’re experiencing lingering taste inside your mouth especially things like garlic or coffee and onions, it’s likely that the scent persists. 

When your tongue is dry or you’re experiencing the stale, disgusting morning sensation and you feel like your breath may be bad.

wisdom teeth bad breath

How to Tell if you have a bad breath

  • Take a lick of your arm and feel it after it’s dried for a short time. A strong odor can reveal the smell of your breath.
  • Another way to detect the difference is to employ floss or the tongue scraper and then sniff them following the use.
  • If you’re still unable to determine your own self and think you’ve got bad breath you could take it to your dentist and they will not just tell you the truth, but also assist you in determining the cause.

How to get Rid of Bad Breath

Eliminating bad Breath

Dental hygiene is the primary defense against Halitosis. Cleaning your teeth at least twice every daily and flossing regularly can be a major factor in the event that you have bad breath. 

Flossing takes out all bacteria and food particles out between your teeth that brushing isn’t able to. The act of brushing your tongue aids in eliminating the bacteria too.

If you’re using any retainer or dentures, mouth guard, or other device that is placed in your mouth, ensure that you wash your mouth thoroughly and regularly.

Follow the denture care guidelines carefully to ensure the appliance is in good condition without creating unnecessary damage.

Make regular dental and Hygienist appointments to ensure that you’re doing the right task of maintaining your mouth. 

They’ll add some vigor in the amount of cleaning you do at home, and will assist you in determining what causes your bad breath.

modification in your the way you eat could also help reduce bad breath, and this includes removing the excess sugar in your diet. Sugar can lead to poor oral hygiene. 

Refraining from smoking and drinking caffeine may aid in achieving better oral hygiene.


Mouthwashes can aid in removing bad breath. Some mouthwashes will only cover up the smell However, it is important to purchase mouthwash that kills bacteria

Beware of mouthwashes containing alcohol since alcohol can dry your mouth and cause halitosis to become more severe.


All toothpastes can aid in reducing bad breath as it indicates you’re cleansing your mouth, however some may be more effective than others in eliminating bacteria that cause odor.

Baking soda is a component of many toothpastes and helps balance the acids in the mouth. It also removes bacteria.

If you wear fake teeth taking care to clean your dental implants regularly ensures that smell isn’t caused by bacteria that have accumulated on the surface.

Home Remedy List

Home Remedies For Bad Breath


Drinking more water can ease many halitosis-related issues. Water is among the easiest home remedies for bad breath. It can help cleanse saliva of any food debris and keeping your mouth from becoming dry.

Take More Fruits and Vegetables

Dietary vegetables help your body to produce saliva. Herbs like mint and parsley can help to eliminate bad breath. The chlorophyll in parsley helps fight bad breath. You can benefit from it by chewing fresh parsley.

Fennel against Bad Breath

Fennel can also help in removing odors as it’s antimicrobial. Take a bite of fennel seeds or drink tea with fennel. Tea, as a whole is also a great remedy for bad breath due to its antioxidant content , which stops bacteria from becoming more prevalent.

Peppermint Oil / Baking Soda vs Bad Breath

Try minty oils such as peppermint or wintergreen for fighting the halitosis because they stay in the mouth longer mouthwash. Add a second homemade remedy, and make your own mouthwash using your water and baking soda, baking soda and peppermint oil.

Additionally, you can just put a small amount of low-percent hydrogen peroxide into your mouth and hold it for several minutes and it can kill germs and bacteria.

Cinnamon Water Mouthwash

The water that is boiled using ground cinnamon is an excellent natural mouthwash. The essential oils in cinnamon combat bacteria.

Lemon Water to fight Bad Breath

Lemon juice and water can be effective as well, as the acid present in lemons isn’t allowing bacteria to develop. It also has a distinct natural smell.

The Apple Cider Vinegar mouthwash is a great way to help fight Bad Breath

Another mouthwash that is natural can be found in Apple cider vinegar in water. Drink it prior to eating, or use it to rinse your mouth.

You can see that there is a wide array of solutions to bad breath. With a bit of discipline and regular monitoring the smell of the smell of bad breath could be eliminated and made something from the distant past.